Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shutterfly Wagner Kunstlerschutz Photo Site Started

Hello! In response to numerous requests, I've started an online sharing site for people to post pictures of Wagner and other vintage flocked animals. It looks like I have to send emails to people inviting them to sign up (for free)  and then they can post pictures, if I'm understanding the directions correctly. So I'll endeavor to do that in the next little while. I think if you comment here, I can obtain your email address when I click on your name. 

The photo site is


    I'll get busy and take some single photos of my
    little animals.

  2. Just bought 10 little Wagner flocked animals..too cute to leave at the Salvation Army now I know others like them too! Neat Blog, thanks

  3. I started collecting these little animals as a military brat in Germany in the 1970s. Whenever we went to a local attraction, they were sold by vendors. I remember taking a long time to decide which one I wanted. They bring back so many memories.

    1. I know, they do for me, too! It's amazing to think they were once just sold from carts like balloons. I'll never forget that huge cart of them I first spied at age 4 or 5 in a subway stop near the Bronx Zoo in NYC. It was like unexpectedly finding a German marketplace underground.